Student Practicums

Ste. Rose Health Centre welcomes students and apprentices in all areas of study that can be accommodated.

We’re committed to providing students/individuals/apprentices and health service providers with an opportunity to gain valuable clinical and work experience in a health care related career.

Student practicums are arranged through your educational institution, generally with your student services coordinator, for placement within our facilities.

Summer Student Opportunities

Ste. Rose Health Centre will promote the employment of students for the purpose of summer student recruitment with the  potential of recruitment upon graduation. Ste. Rose Health Centre will attempt to hire the most suitable summer student for summer employment and provide duties and responsibilities that are meaningful and creates a learning experience for the student.

An example of a position we could hire:

A second or third year nursing student interested in working for Ste. Rose Health Centre as a Health Care Aide while home from university/college breaks.  The nursing student will have the chance to gain some experience in a health care setting. Casual hours are available all year round. You must have completed equivalent education credits to a work as a Health Care Aide and be available to work.

Home for the Summer Program

Along with the Office of Rural & Northern Health (ORNH) the Home for the Summer Program provides students with summer career opportunities  in rural and northern health facilities. The program is promoted by the ORNH during the office’s numerous visits to Manitoba Colleges and Universities throughout the year. The student must meet the following criteria:

  • Must originate from the area
  • Must currently be enrolled in a health care training program that is a future need for the region
  • The position will be both an educational and work placement
  • The position will include a project that enhances recruitment and retention

Job Shadowing Opportunities

Ste. Rose Health Centre offers job shadowing opportunities for students interested in a career in health care. Job shadowing provides work experience that allows an individual to observe an employee performing the duties of their job.